Expo cli or React Native cli

Hello, I have a lot of react development experience and just learnt React Native(new on this). I’m developing a mobile app. This app will have those functions:
Login system(including face id and finger print login);
Using camera to take pics and uploading to account;
Uploading pdf,doc,xml… files;
Group people can chat, send message, talk and video call like zoom(maybe embed zoom sdk)
I am using React Native cli. But it’s very painful on setting in android and ios. And gave me a lot of errors. I’m not good at Java and Xcode. It’s really painful for me on all kinds of settings, Xcode version issues, etc. So I just want to know if I switch to expo cli, can all functions I list above be implemented by expo? Scary to have to eject in the future.

Thank you very much for your help and advice.