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How do I install Expo CLI on my android LG phone? I’m trying to make my own apps. I have Expo Go but not Expo CLI.

expo-cli should be installed on your computer

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I have Expo Go not Expo Cli.

Hi @iammarcusmelton! Unfortunately, you can’t build apps with just Android or iOS. You’d have to use a computer where you can program your app. As @wkozyra mentioned, you can follow the introduction to get set up and ready to build apps.

You can also play around with Expo Snack. It’s a website where you can play around with Expo and React Native, without setting up your local environment.

Please refer to our documentation if you want to learn more about Expo.

Hope this helps!

Okay, well I have a computer(a Chromebook) so I’ll just create my app(s) there.

Can you create apps on any computer? Like a chromebook computer for example?

Do the requirements for Expo Client mean you have to have or download one of them in order to get access to Expo Client? I have a chromebook computer, can I make apps with my chromebook computer? I cannot download nor install Expo Client on my chromebook computer because there’s no option for me to do that. Does that mean chromebook computers are not supported for Expo Client? I have Linux development environment support for app development but wonder if making apps with chromebook computer is possible?

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