Expo cant be downloaded completely

i tried downloading the .dmg image of expo and it doesn’t finish the download, it just fails always, tried to build from scratch i am also facing problems cloning repo, Tried to download on SAFARI, XDM, WINDOWS machine, CHROME all fails, please can someone just upload his raw image some where i need to deliver something ASAP.

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The .dmg files are hosted on Github. See here: https://github.com/expo/xde/releases for the raw downloads.

Yes i know this, it all fails.

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Ok, I’m not really sure what to do if you’re not able to download from Github. Maybe connect to a proxy?

I was trying to download Expo-xde for Ubuntu-linux from documentation, but It fails.
I am in India(Mumbai), tried downloading from different browsers but it fails in between and gives network failure error, though I can download other things.