Error to download latest version of Expo

Hi guys! When you try to download the xde from Expo on your site, in any of its OS versions, it returns the following error: “connect ETIMEDOUT”.

The url are:

At least in Argentina.


Github is currently down (see

xde is hosted on github, so this is most probably the reason

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Yep, Github was down for a little bit. The link to download should work again. Sorry for the trouble!


No problem. Look, in CRNA there is not any problem to create a new project, but if I use XDE Expo, I don’t can create a new project.

I have XDE Expo v2.19.3

You can select Project → New Project to create a project.

I know, but it’s don’t working.
I have already used xde Expo before, since its version 16 that I use, but now I can not create the project using “You can select Project → New Project to create a project.”
I can use CRNA, but I want to use xde because there I have my account.
Thank you.


Ok. You can download the templates manually using these instructions: