expo build:ios on Windows bash scripts are looking in wrong drive?

I’m trying to build an ios app on Windows, when I run expo build:ios I am not able to login to Apple account.

I have set debug=true and I see the program is trying to run validate_apple_credentials but it is looking in /mnt/c/Users/Adam/Documents/ but on my machine Documents is located on the d drive.

Does anyone know how to change the build script to look in the correct directory?

what command line are you using?

I’m using Windows Powershell to run the expo-cli build:ios

but I see it is calling bash shell to run certain scripts

Ok, so I opened up a bash terminal and just created a symbolic link from /mnt/d/Users/Adam/Documents to /mnt/c/Users/Adam/Documents and the script seems to be running!

Hopefully this might help anybody else with the same issue

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Glad that you worked it out :slight_smile:

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