expo build:ios can't find keys/certificates


I’m having a problem building iOS IPA. I’ve never had any problem before. Here are the steps I do and what is not working. I have 2 apps right now on the Apple store.

  1. I build the first app with expo build:ios -c.
  2. I let expo handle with all the keys and certificates.
  3. Everything went good and my first IPA is created.
  4. I build the second app with expo build:ios.
  5. Expo won’t let me chose the previous Distribution and Notification keys/certificates that I just created before.

In my apple account, I can see 2 distributions certificates but expo doesn’t seem to find them. So I always need to create new ones which don’t work because there’s a limit.

Thank you very much for any help.

Hey @thierryskoda,

If you have two distinct apps, you’ll need different sets of PNKs and certs.


Hi @adamjnav,

Thank you for the reply.

I can’t create more PNKs ( You have already reached the maximum allowed number of Keys for this service). And I can’t even download it. So I would need to create my own PNK and when building with expo specify the path of my PNK for every app? This doesn’t seem right haha.

Yeah, this definitely isn’t the intended flow. I would delete those that aren’t in use.

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