Expo build apk : ExponentToken not generated

I created my first expo app, who can send notification to multiple users. I use the expo-notification package to generate the ExponentToken and handle incoming notification.

Everythings works perfecly when I use the expo go app, but recently I build my app in apk with eas

$ eas build -p android --profile genAPK
//the genAPK profile : 
build: { 
         "android": {

I downloaded the builded apk, but when my real app want to generate the ExponentToken it just not works and return me a empty string… (I know it because my app crash do a alert() if the token is empty)

I don’t know if this help, but I dont use the firebase way, I use the expo node sdk and my own database and API to store tokens and send notifications

Is this a common mistake and how can I fix this ? Or at least can I see the output of my package even if this is a apk ?
I also check this expo-notifications-repo:https://github.com/expo/expo/blob/master/packages/expo-notifications/src/getExpoPushTokenAsync.tsdicount. The cause of this error in my case is the projectId, because in the expo-notifications-repo they use expo-constant package which have change in the latest SDK. So i need to add projectId to my app.json

Thanks in advance