Expo build android failed

  • Expo SDK: 38.0.0
  • Release channel: default
  • Workflow: Managed


Anybody can help me to resolve this? thank you

Hey @auliaafriza, could you please run expo diagnostics and paste the log that is printed out here?


Expo CLI 3.27.4 environment info:
OS: Windows 10 10.0.18362
Node: 14.5.0 - C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.EXE
Yarn: 1.22.4 - C:\Users\aulia\AppData\Roaming\npm\yarn.CMD
npm: 6.14.5 - C:\Program Files\nodejs\npm.CMD
Android SDK:
API Levels: 26, 27, 28, 29
Build Tools: 28.0.3, 29.0.2
Android Studio: Version AI-191.8026.42.35.6010548
expo: ^38.0.9 => 38.0.9
react: ~16.11.0 => 16.11.0
react-dom: ~16.11.0 => 16.11.0
react-native: https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-38.0.1.tar.gz => 0.62.2
react-native-web: ~0.11.7 => 0.11.7
Expo Workflow: managed

this could be an issue with your network connection. you may be behind a proxy that is causing issues, or many other things. read more at sockets - How do I debug error ECONNRESET in Node.js? - Stack Overflow

try switching networks if you have another way of connecting to the internet available.

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