Expo apk getting crashed in android on reducing the size

I am trying to reduce the size of my expo apk and I updated android property inside app.json file where I have appended this code:-

“android”: {

  "versionCode": 3,

  "adaptiveIcon": {

    "foregroundImage": "./assets/appiconwhite.png",

    "backgroundColor": "#FFFFFF"

  "enableDangerousExperimentalLeanBuilds": true


but on creating the apk it is getting crashed on running in a physical android device (Android 10), how do I resolve it


Are you using expo build:android or eas build?

I’m not sure if enableDangerousExperimentalLeanBuilds ever graduated from an experiment.

Using EAS Build should definitely work, though, and does not need the enableDangerousExperimentalLeanBuilds option. Currently EAS is only available if you pay for the priority plan, but they give you one month free and also they are going to make EAS available as part of the free tier in future.

I am using expo build:android command to generate the apk , thanks for your suggestion