expo android simulator CommandError: Couldn't open Android app

I’m trying to run my Expo managed project on Android simulator with npx expo run:android.

I have expo-dev-client installed.

When I run npx expo run:android, it fails with the message:

CommandError: Couldn't open Android app with activity "com.hayata_sue.androiderror://expo-development-client/?url=http%3A%2F%2F192.168.0.13%3A8081" on device "Pixel_4_with_Google_Play".
The app might not be installed, try installing it with: npx expo run:android -d Pixel_4_with_Google_Play

I ran npx expo run:android -d Pixel_4_with_Google_Play as suggested in the above error message only to get the exact same error message as above.

Could someone guide me to the right direction to solve this issue?