Experience needs permissions on standalone iOS

I am having trouble requesting permissions on iOS.
When the app requests location permissions for the first time it works like a charm. But when the app is restarted I get a modal:
Experience needs permissions
needs permissions for (null).
You’ve already granted permission to another Expo experience.
Allow to use it also ?

Anybody know how I can get rid of that modal ?

My expo environment:
Expo SDK: 25.0.0
exp: 53.1.0

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@arnar I am facing same issue that you have.

When my app started first time, it shows alert for the permission. After accepted it, and I route to different screens, and come back to initial screen, it shows the modal which you got. Does it related with recently resolved issue which is NSLocation…something?

I am using same expo environment that you set up.

@syou I don’t know why it occurs. I spoke with an expo engineer today and he told me I could expect a fix soon.
I can comment here to keep you up to date once he deploys the fix.

@arnar Thank you for it. I tested it both Android and iOS, and I think it only happens on iOS. Hopefully, it resolves soon. Also, much thanks to Expo team!

I have seen the same error message when load an app in development using Expo app.

Haven’t seen this modal appear in my published app from app store.

The message “needs permissions for (null)” look suspicious/buggy. Any more info from official Dev please?

@syou We pushed out what we believe to be a fix to production. Try rebuilding your standalone iOS app via exp build:ios. If the issue still occurs, please let us know.

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