iOS users getting re-prompted for already-granted permissions in SDK 27

We have a detached Expo app, and ExpoKit has been working great for a few SDK versions now. However, with SDK 27, our app is now re-prompting users to grant location permission that they’ve already granted when running an earlier version of the app. The iOS settings confirm that our app already has the relevant permissions.

The prompt asks users to grant permissions for our “experience”. However, since this is a detached ExpoKit app, that concept doesn’t really make sense. Should ExpoKit automatically recognize that detached apps don’t need per-experience permissions?

This regression appears to be caused by:

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Thanks for the report.

@aalices in the case of an ExpoKit project, should we auto-migrate the relevant permissions keys based on the app slug? (or just skip this check altogether?)

Tracking here:

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This is fixed in our standalone builder as of yesterday. For people using detached projects, the ios/2.5.6 tag (and newer) contains this fix.

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