Exp build:ios - provisioning profile, distribution and push cert

following docs to build for ios

some questions:

When building standalone for ios and creating a new ios build, do i need to manually go into
and delete old profile so that exp build:ios can create a new profile.
I ask because i got

‘Multiple profiles found with the name ‘*** AppStore’. Please remove the duplicate profiles and try again.’

how about the distribution and push keys?
Do i need to download them and back them up locally?

What happens if any of these are overwritten? does it prevent users from being able to update the app?


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You can’t have more than distribution 1 provisioning profile per appname.

Dist certs are limited to 2 each as well. exp will try to make one. You can always download all your Apple Credential files with exp fetch:ios:certs

Overwritten means what? (Maybe you mean revoked) Then for example your push notifications won’t work until you give us (via exp) the new push certs.

Thanks for replying edgar.

ok. when i attempt to build, how come it told me there was multiple profiles found. when i logged into developer.apple.com there was only one. after i deleted that one (which was also created by exp originally), that error went away.

So i’m trying to figure out, what is the workflow when building ios?
do i always need to delete that profile manually?
if not, what did i do wrong that caused that error to appear?

ok. I was getting some errors related to existing certs earlier but I misplaced the actual text. When next time i build, will exp be smart enough to re use the certs that are there?

If the command exp build:ios is successful, then it will reuse all your existing credentials next time you do exp build:ios.

It is possible to get into a situation when you have to revoke certificates from your developer.apple.com account. I would recommend clearing out unneeded certs in your apple account, making sure you have at least 1 free spot for a new dist cert, a new dist push cert and no existing provisioning profile. then doing exp build:ios -c

Thanks for the answers.

so if i do build:ios -c and haven’t cleared out the certs on my apple account, i can expect an error right?
i.e. the apple account still holds the old certs, but locally exp thinks i don’t have any so it will create new ones and will try and push certs them to apple.
Since there is no more spots left, however, it will error out.

is that accurate?

yes, that is accurate (more or less.)

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