Exp build:ios not generating current version


My app version 1.0.7 is based on Expo SDK 24.

I upped to SDK 25 and added a couple of bug fixes, renamed it 1.0.8 on app.json, upped the buildnumber, and proceed to exp build:ios

Yet, the .ipa file is still 1.0.7. wtf?

I deleted node_modules, npm install, all fresh.

Not sure if related, but it also got some conflicts with certificates, so I just deleted all certificates from developer.apple.com (Push, distribution) and asked exp to create/handle them, which worked.

Hi @nunocardoso - could you try upgrading to the latest version of exp (npm install -g exp) and running the build command again? It sounds like the latest version of your project is not getting published before building. We’ve made some changes to the build process recently, but with the latest version, your project will automatically be published before it’s built (building always uses the version of your project that’s published on our servers).

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