Exp build:ios not working

Hi @Expo team,

i buiilt an app using expo and i was able to build the first release of my app on iOS using exp build:ios. Now, i want to update my app in the App Store but when i use exp build:ios (and using the distribution and push certificates generated on the first release) it does not work.

Here is my build ID : e1b39281-e19d-4e4f-ae90-3bb817f0c5df

Please help. I need to update this app ASAP because i may loose all my users if they dont have the new release soon.


Do you mean the built IPA doesn’t work or the build process doesn’t give you an IPA?
I’m currently having an issue where exp suddenly can’t find my certificates, and asks if I want to upload credentials.

When i do exp build:status i receive:
There was an error with this build.

Hi, working right now to release a fix. Should be available in ~10 minutes for you to try.

@kodeu Hi, released new version of exp. Please try.

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