Error: Missing GoogleService-Info.plist

I have used Evan Bacon’s new method to sign in with Google using GoogleSignIn. But when I submit my app to the app store to test, tapping on the google button immediately throws an exception -

Error: Missing GoogleService-Info.plist

I am not sure why I’m getting this. According to the article, we are not supposed to include the file in the app. But even when I do put it there, I don’t know where or how to reference it so the app understands that the file is not missing. Or is there something else that I’m missing here?

Hey @tanaysharda,

I would follow these steps carefully and let me know if you still encounter the issue.


I did follow it all. And it works fine when I test the apk directly. But somehow when I test on the beta channel, it crashes somewhere in the signinasync method after selecting the google account. It doesn’t catch the exception for some reason.

On iOS it throws up an error saying error code: EX_E_ GOOGLE_SIGN_IN immediately after tapping on the google button.

Created a new issue with the exact problem and screenshot. Is there anything you can do to help?

Hi @adamjnav, is it possible that a ios.googleServicesFile is needed in app.json as is apparently the case for the FaceDetector?

wkozyra95 commented 5 days ago

add field ios.googleServicesFile to app.json (this requires latest cli)

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