Error in android expokit

I’m using the latest expo - detached to expokit.

    "expo": "^30.0.1",
    "expokit": "^1.7.1",

My android build works fine locally - as soon as I try to compile in fastlane - I run up against this error.

* What went wrong:
Failed to capture snapshot of input files for task ':app:bundleDevMinSdkDevKernelReleaseExpoAssets' property '$1' during up-to-date check.
> Could not list contents of '/home/circleci/moragram/node_modules/react-native-interactable/{ios,android}'. Couldn't follow symbolic link.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi @snly2386 - it looks like your build in fastlane is having a problem with processing something in the react-native-interactable package. We may not be able to help out much with this. Out of curiousity, does the build work if you run a release build locally (e.g. ./gradlew assembleProdMinSdkProdKernelRelease)? If so, then the problem must be specific to fastlane’s setup.

Thanks - you were right. It was related to that package.

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