Ejected app how to use expo export --public-url

I do not know how to set my App build settings;

  1. expo ejec
    2 . then expo export --public-url http://test.y.com

so I do not know how to change somewhere to make sure my app can run in android studio;

Consider working on your app, running in Android Studio (or via emulator directly) as being step 1.5; something done after ejecting, but before exporting.

ie: when you’re happy the app is ready and working as you’d like, then expo export to your distribution server.

thanks , you know i have expo export – public-url , so i can change MainActivity.java developmentUrl to my host servers. That is run ok ,but I only change MainActivity.java publishedUrl to my host servers , can not run . I do not know how to set in Pro model;

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