Expo's call to initial url taking too much time to respond


I am have a full fledged production app running on expokit. The apps performance is good after i followed all the required steps given by the expo community.

The only problem now is the app loading speed when the device is connected to a slower internet. The exp.host(initial url) takes too much time to respond and hence fourth the apps load time increases significantly(goes upto 15-20 secs.)

My speculation is that if these files are hosted on my server the load time would decrease.

For this i found an expo doc which mentions that expo export --public-url https://youdomain.in/self-hosting would help me achieve this. But the doc is based on an expo app and not how it works with expokit app. A forum post (Ejected app how to use expo export --public-url) also does not help as the answer is not very clear.

When i run the expo export command i see a dist folder created which can be uploaded to self-hosted server. Now since i am using expokit do i need to use expo export instead of expo publish every-time i would like to send JS changes to the app and re-upload all the files created by expo export to my self-hosted server.

Also how do i change the published url to my own. Do i only need to change the value in MainActivity.java and what would be the way to create the right url

exp://exp.host/@somangshu/rotee -> exp://youdomain.in/self-hosting(from above)

What does (exp) stand for here. Do i need to change that to something else

Kindly help.

Hi Team Expo, Kindly respond

exp://exp.host/@somangshu/rotee - > https://youdomain.in/self-hosting-dir/ios-index.json

exp://exp.host/@somangshu/rotee - > https://youdomain.in/self-hosting-dir/andorid-index.json