EAS Update with Github actions doesn't tigger the update on the device

I’m utilizing a managed workflow, and the version of eas-cli is 4.1.2.

I executed the command eas update ... on my personal computer to release updates. Subsequently, I established CI using Github Actions, specifically adopting the official Expo workflow from this repository (GitHub - expo/expo-github-action: Expo GitHub Action makes it easy to automate EAS builds or updates).

Nevertheless, I noticed that the updates triggered by the CI process didn’t actually reflect on the device. What perplexes me is that there appears to be no difference between updates initiated by my local machine and those initiated by Github Actions within the Expo console. Both instances are indicated as successful.

What could I be overlooking? What might I have misconfigured?

do you see these updates published from your CI listed on the expo website? if so, please link to one published there and one published from your machine so we can compare the associated metadata

Sorry for the late reply.

EAS Update from the local machine:

EAS Update from GitHub Actions:

Can you investigate the metadata only from these links?

hey there,

yeah, the relevant information here: runtime version, branch, and platform. (also, “created at” time must be after the build was created)

my guess at what is happening here is that you may have different environment variables set up locally vs on your CI, and the env that you have set up locally that is getting embedded in your update is causing the update to fail to load, and then it appears to not be applied. you can try loading your update in a development build to verify that.