EAS Submit with app.config.ts

I have multiple build profiles for 2 projects in Expo in a single application.
The project to build to depends on the “env” in the build profile in eas.json. When I build my projects everything goes in the right project.
But, when I do eas submit, the project B is linked to the project A so I can’t choose my build to submit. It seems that eas submit doesn’t apply the “env” when reading the app.config. So it fallback to the default project.
I have to do : npx cross-env COMPANY=B eas submit

Thank you!

This is expected behavior, when you run eas submit cli does not know which build profile to use, so it does not know which envs should be loaded. You will also need to specify those envs in command line when you run expo publish or expo start

Ok great, thank you.
I would have guess when I run eas build --profile project_b I would be able to specify “env” also in eas.json under submit section. @wkozyra

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