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Hello, I’m trying to build and submit to the Apple store using EAS (managed workflow) but I’m having trouble with the app icon. In my project I’m adding an external RN bridge library using a local plugin (it works fine on both simulator and real device).

When I try to submit the build I see the error following error

[logs]  [Transporter Error Output]: ERROR ITMS-90704: Missing App Icon. An app icon measuring 1024 by 1024 pixels in PNG format must be included in the Asset Catalog of apps built for iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS. Without this icon, apps cannot be submitted for review. For details, see https://developer.apple.com/ios/human-interface-guidelines/icons-and-images/app-icon/.

I see on my app.json a correctly defined app icon but when inspecting the XCode logs I see that there are multiple “AppIcon” sets: one from my app, another from a sample app project which resides inside a Pod I’m installing.

/Users/expo/workingdir/build/ios/heyfinaapp/Images.xcassets:./AppIcon.appiconset: warning: The app icon set name "AppIcon" is used by multiple app icon sets.
/Users/expo/workingdir/build/ios/Pods/IDnowSDK/Sample/IDnow SDK Demo/Images.xcassets:./AppIcon.appiconset: warning: The app icon set name "AppIcon" is used by multiple app icon sets.

Is there a way to prevent the app icon images from the Pod from being added, or maybe change the AppIcon name on my project?

*Edit: here is my build id in case it helps fbdb3397-f5ae-4328-8efd-2d34fd1882d7

the IDnowSDK shouldn’t include their sample in the pod, they should fix that. but you can work around this as described in this issue: If there are one pod using xcassets via resources spec syntax, then all xcassets will be copied and compied twice during [CP] Copy Pods Resources build phase · Issue #8431 · CocoaPods/CocoaPods · GitHub

you will have to use a config plugin to do so.

also, if you can provide a reproducible example i’d be curious to see it

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I’m sorry but it’s a hard for me to create a reproducible demo because it’s too tied down to my project.

I’ve successfully updated my local plugin to add code that updates the podfile. The podfile now contains code that updates the script located in Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-<projectName>/Pods-<projectName>-resources.sh, preventing it from searching inside IDNow sample folder.

Thank you for your assistance and direction!

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