EAS local builds crash on Testflight

Issue Description

I am experiencing immediate crashes when loading my app in TestFlight after successfully building it with eas build -p ios --local. During the build process, there are no warnings that suggest anything is wrong with the dependencies or the app.

However, building the project using Xcode 14.2 and submitting it through Xcode works perfectly fine.


  1. Build the app using eas build -p ios --local.
  2. Submit the app using eas submit -p ios.
  3. App works fine.
  4. Update two lines of logic (related to Algolia search).
  5. Build the app again using eas build -p ios --local.
  6. Submit the app again using eas submit -p ios.
  7. App crashes immediately at the splash screen.
  8. Roll back the changes.
  9. Build and submit the app again using the previous methods.
  10. App crashes again at the splash screen.
  11. Build the app using Xcode and everything works as expected.

Any attempt to build/submit with eas results in an app that crashes on load.

Troubleshooting Steps

I have tried the following steps, but none of them have resolved the issue:

  • Running eas build -p ios --local --clear-cache.
  • Deleting node_modules, lockfiles, and reinstalling dependencies.


  • Managed workflow.
  • eas-cli/3.7.2 darwin-arm64 node-v16.19.1.
  • "react-native": "0.71.3".
  • "expo": "~48.0.6".