Eas ios bundle identifier change

New eas premium member. I coded new application from an old expo application codebase. Then used eas services. Working perfectly but can’t change ios build bundle identifier. Still points previous bundle id name. I need to change that to adopt revenue cat sdk.


Hey @emrahc, is your project managed or bare? Also, what SDK version is it running?


Managed SDK 42 with eas

can you elaborate on what you mean here? if you change the bundle identifier in app.json / app.config.js in a managed project and then commit those changes, the build resulting from that will certainly use the given bundle id. when you say “still points previous bundle id name” what do you mean exactly? can you show some screenshots to help explain possibly?

When i first time used eas there was old bundle id name in the app.json. I changed the old bundle id to new one in app.json. Rebuilt with eas. But it still builds for old bundle id.

Did you figure it out? I changed my bundelIdentifier un app.json and it still builds with the old one

do you have an ios directory? (eg: did you run expo prebuild or expo run:ios?) if so you have a “bare” project, you can either delete that if you don’t want it or change the bundle id there

Thanks, for me that was it. I deleted ios folder and I was able to rebuild with the new bundle id in app.json.