Changing bundle identifier and deleting app

I wanted to change the bundle identifier of an app we had on app store connect but not yet public.

I changed the bundle identifier in app.json and then deleted the app on App Store Connect (as it said we couldn’t change it).

I now am unable to submit the app to the app store as it can’t find the app. I had, perhaps wrongly, assumed that I would be able to submit as a new app from scratch.

“ERROR ITMS-4241: “App is Removed or Deleted. Apps can’t be validated or submitted while they’re removed or deleted.” at SoftwareAssets”

Is there a way to get EAS to create a new app and link it to the project?

Hi @mortonc

If you unzip the .ipa file there should be a file called app.config in Payload/
The file contains some JSON, including the bundleIdentifier. You can just open it in a text editor, or use a tool like jq to get it:

% jq .ios.bundleIdentifier app.config

Does the app.config from your app have the expected bundleIdentifier?

Also, do you have an ios directory in the root of your app?