eas build process choosing older/soon-to-expire Distribution Certificate from Apple Enterprise Account

I am successfully running a build via eas build.... However, when connected to our Apple Enterprise account, I see that it seems to be attaching the wrong Distribution Certificate. We have more than one Distribution Certificate on our Apple account, but the eas build process is attaching the one that’s set to expire next week, rather than choosing - or giving me the option of choosing - the newer Distribution Certificate that expires in 2026.

This is what I see in the console during the build process:

Project Credentials Configuration

Project [redacted]
Bundle Identifier [redacted]

App Store Configuration

Distribution Certificate
Serial Number [redacted]
Expiration Date Tue, 07 Feb 2023 16:48:47 EST
Apple Team [redacted]
Updated 1 year ago

How can I address this? Do I have any option other than revoking the soon-to-expire Distribution Certificate from our Apple account before running the “eas build…” command? That may take down our production app - forcing us to take this directly to production - not good. Is this a bug? Is there a way to resolve this? Should I be able to choose which DC I want to use? By the way, this is an internal company app that we are running with this configuration: “enterpriseProvisioning”: “universal”. We are not in the App Store.

eas build does not do anything if credentials are still valid, the easiest way is to delete distribution certifcate from Expo, but not revoke it. Then on the next build you will be prompted to generate new one.

You can delete it via website, or I think there an option to do that via eas credentials command (not 100% sure about that)

During the next build you will need to let CLI generate new cert or provide it manually. Apple does not allow downloading existing certificates after they are created.

Looking into this now on the Expo website credentials section for iOS, thanks.

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