Trying to distribute new iOS app but asking for p12 file, should it picking up existing?

In your post, please share:

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow: managed
  • Your eas-cli version: 0.44.1
  • What you have tried so far: eas build --platform all

I am trying to build and release a new app. I have already released another app with this expo account. So I know we are supposed to reuse “Apple Distribution Certificate”. So I hit “no” when it asks me if I should generate a new one. It then asks me for p12 file, which I have no idea about. Any ideas on how to solve this? Ideally eas cli will get the cert from my account

are you sure you are using the correct account?
The current expo account you posting has only one project, it was never built and credentials are not set up for that project. You are also not part of any organization.

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Thanks very much for such fast reply! I actually am posting it from my other expo account - Profile - themasjidapp - Forums

When I made the first app on that account, I got confused and thought each expo account could make one app, that’s why I created that 2nd account.

Doing whoami tells me:

Epyons-iMac:Diddo epyon$ expo whoami
│                                                                         │
│   There is a new version of expo-cli available (5.0.3).                 │
│   You are currently using expo-cli 4.10.1                               │
│   Install expo-cli globally using the package manager of your choice;   │
│   for example: `npm install -g expo-cli` to get the latest version      │
│                                                                         │
Logged in as themasjidapp

I think this is because I’ve been upgrading my eas-cli. For even my Quizleter app, which I built and submitted to stores with eas-cli 0.38.2, if I try building now with eas build --platform all I get exact same as above. Reason I know it was 0.38.2 is because eas.json has:

  "cli": {
    "version": ">= 0.38.2",
    "requireCommit": true

Still couldn’t find a solution, but searching.

Oh wow I tried building all my other apps too and all of them having same problem. I think there is somewhere in upgrading eas-cli I needed to do something. I can’t find an upgrade guide for eas-cli. Or maybe is this bug within eas-cli? Not sure.

I checked few of the apps on themasjidapp account and it looks like all of them have no credentials or existing credentials have expired. You can check it by opening the credentials tab for any project.

cli version might affect a bit how the process looks like like but it won’t affect your build configuration and credentials on a server

Ah thanks very much for checking. Two of those apps are live in the store though. If I press yes to generate new apple dist cert, will it still allow me to build and submit for what I have out there?

My most recent submission was Quizleter I built it on Jan 6th and uploaded to both app and play stores.

I’ve never manually renewed anything, I’ve had the one The Masjid App app out there since 2019, was expo cli handling renewal? Is there a way I can tell expo cli to renew? Or is telling cli to make new one just fine?

Thanks very much sorry about taking so much time.

distribution certificate and provisioning profile need to be valid only when uploading to store, after that it does not matter id they expired or not, only push notification credentials can affect apps in store

There is no way to renew dist cert and provisioning profile, you need to generate new ones

was expo cli handling renewal?

if certificate or provisioning profile expired and you try to build expo-cli would generate new ones, eas-cli is doing the same, but you answered no to the question about generating new cert, so it did not generate that for you.

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Oh got it thanks very much for fast reply! Way appreciate your time! I’ll go tap yes on it now :slight_smile:

Nice it worked. I had to answer yes to generate a new provisioning profile too. This stuff is ok? They expire and there’s not limit to how many I can make? Sorry apple really confuses. On Android if I change keystore I lose my listing I think, so it always gets me worried.

there are limits, you can have only one profile per bundle identifier and 3 distribution certificates per apple account,

eas-cli is automatically replacing provisioning profiles and if run out of distribution certificates it will ask which can be revoked

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Oh man that is so awesome, thank you!

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