EAS Build is either really slow or fails on network issues

Hi all,
could you please help me fix the issue with EAS builds being either really slow or fails on network issues?
It started somewhere in mid August without any obvious reasons (like, no updates etc)

Environment is:

  1. MacOS 13.5.2 (22G91) @ Apple M2 Max – 13.5.1 earlier.
  2. node v18.17.1 (npm v9.6.7) via NVM
  3. eas-cli/5.2.0 darwin-arm64 node-v18.17.1 – or older versions earlier

Issue itself is both Android & iOS builds getting stuck at different points, sometimes they manage to finish after long time wait, sometimes I get a network error:

Error: GraphQL request failed

or similar. For iOS it this most often

Failed to set up credentials.

    Error: GraphQL request failed.

To get the builds done it takes a lot of times just ctrl +C them & restart in hope it will finish this time.
Other Node projects work OK.

What could I look for & check?

hi there! how big is your application that you are uploading? we print the size during the eas build process. it could be a combination of large app size and intermittent connectivity issues, but hard to say with the given information. you can reduce your project archive size by using a .easignore: https://expo.fyi/eas-build-archive