EAS Build iOS Error installing FBAudienceNetwork (6.11.1)

Hi all! Anybody build iOS app today? I got below error:

Did not install any FB related library myself, but suppose it is the React / React Native related library? Also I notice that EAS installed expo-keep-awake. Yes, I did installed keep-awake, but already removed it. I wonder if this causes any problems?

I just updated to the latest eas.cli v 0.59.0. Still using expo 45 though. Would like to wait a bit and roll out the App first.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @rachellauyui, are you using a third-party library related for Ads? If yes, it might be, that library uses Facebook Ads. This is not related to expo-keep-awake.

Also, there was a brief outage: Expo Status - iOS EAS Build Outage so I’d suggest you try running the build again and see if the issue still persists?

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@amanhimself Yes, it works today! Thanks a lot! And I will check the expo status next time!

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