EAS Build for iOS internal distribution

Just wondering if it’s possible to use EAS to have an internal distribution for ios using TestFlight or some other tool.
The documentation wasn’t clear about it -
should I have an apple developer enterprise license?
or is it enough to have the non-enterprise version?

Many thanks!

Hi @yoniblumenfeld

Yes, you can do it without an Enterprise license.

It works for ad-hoc provisioning profiles in addition to enterprise provisioning profiles. As far as I know, if you have an Enterprise license you have to do some extra stuff (set "enterpriseProvisioning": "universal")

As the documentation says:


The configuration above tells EAS Build that you would like to use ad hoc distribution, which is available for all paid Apple developer accounts. It is not available for free accounts.

I believe the only other thing you have to do is register the iOS devices that will be able to install the app.

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Thank you!

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