EAS Build fails due to ':expo-permissions'

Hello guys, I’m following documentation related to EAS builds.

I’m facing a current error, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any solutions or advice

EXPO: “~44.0.0”
React Native: “0.64.3”

This is my esa.json

Simply stuck on this case and couldn’t move futher

All my main files app.json, app.config.ts, eas.json are located at the root of the app


After manual installation of this package, thru the expo install EAS build starts facing a similar error with :expo-screen-orientation

But after manual installation of this new package, it won’t succeed, the error message keep displaying on Run gradlew section

Seems manual package installation isn’t a good solution, all these packages are initially included in EXPO SDK

expo-permission is no longer supported, we moved to module specific permissions requesters in sdk 42. you’ll find that it has been removed from the api reference: API Reference - Expo Documentation

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