EAS build android failure

Hi all,
I build success Ios and publish success expo application, but when i build for android use EAS service, i always give errors
package.json does not exist in /home/expo/workingdir/build/forfun

Could you send me the URL of your build, please?

Dear master,
iOS App Store build success: Build Details — fd78e3ac-51bd-428b-98e8-c5e9fbed5d9d — Forfun — Expo

Android Play Store build failure: Build Details — b6a1f156-6027-4890-b6a9-2e0890378e75 — Forfun — Expo

hi, can you help me

It seems like an issue with untaring the tarball containing your project :thinking: (see Prepare project phase logs)

What OS do you use?

Our iOS builds run on MacOS builders and then it seems to work fine, but our Android builders run on Linux and it seems like it fails only on Linux

Maybe something to do with the case sensitive filenames on Linux vs. case insensitive on macOS?

thank you, i has build success, problem with case sensitive.

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