EAS Android Submit - Internal Testing Track Auto Rollout

Hello! Looking to get some possible help. We are early in the development of our application which is currently sitting at ‘draft’ status. We are using the internal testing track in Google Play for testing internally amongst our group of developers.

Before setting up EAS, we were manually uploading the app bundle, creating a new release, and rolling that release out under the internal testing track. I am trying to automate this via EAS. The problem is, it throws errors anytime I try and submit a non-draft release because the app itself is in ‘draft’ status. Submitting a draft release to the internal testing track still means we need to login and roll it out ourselves.

Anyone have any better ways of handling this? I want this rollout in our internal testing track to be automated.

can you elaborate on the eas.json submit profile config that you are using and give us a step by step walkthrough of how you’re using it? Configuring EAS Submit with eas.json - Expo Documentation

Pretty simple for android. Right now the config has…

  • track: internal
  • serviceAccountKeyPath: path to the key file
  • releaseStatus: ‘draft’

At the moment I’m just running the eas submit command locally while we get our configuration down , and then we would like to incorporate it into our CI/CD pipelines.

Ideally, what we would want to be able to do is submit internal testing track releases and have them auto rollout (I believe that falls under ‘completed’ release status), while our app is still in ‘draft’ status as a whole. As it stands with the above configuration, we still need to log into the Play console and manually complete the release and roll it out to our internal testers.