EAS Submit to Google Play fail due to changesNotSentForReview

Trying to submit a new Android version, worked fine before today, but now got this:
“Google Api Error: Invalid request - Changes are sent for review automatically. The query parameter changesNotSentForReview must not be set.”

I have set changesNotSentForReview: true in my eas.json.

Earlier today I successfully submitted a build and manually submitted it for review. This new build is already a next version of the app which I wanted to share for the team in Internal Testing.

eas-cli version is the latest, project is in managed workflow.

hi there! can you write out in more detail exactly the process you followed to get in this state?

So we use two release channels, one for Internal Testing only releases, and another for the builds which go into production. I’ve had the changesNotSentForReview param true for some time without any issues.

The production builds we first test internally and then promote to production and into Google Play review.

It might have been that the Google review prevented us from submitting new Internal Testing builds, because now that we got the build approved by Google and pushed into production, I was again able to submit into Internal Testing, without changing anything. Hard to say…