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  1. SDK Version: 48
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android & IOS
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Hi i’m not sure if this is the right section so forgive me.

I have a requirement to create a dynamic splash-screen where the image changes dynamically. We are currently using a CDN url image for out splash-screen and the idea was to keep the url the same and just update it on the CDN and bust the cache.

My question is, are the splash images cached on the android and IOS ? Or if i bust the cache should the image automatically render correctly? To clarify this further, what i’m asking is would i have to run a build every time I dynamically update the image ?

Or do I have to roll out my splash screen in another way ?

I cannot speak as a developer of Expo, but when I dramatically changed my splash screen to something totally different, the old one came up even after a new play-store/app store update / install. After a few starts, it went away.

So I would so it sure looks like it is cached.

BTW - my Lottie animation causes the play store/app store builds to crash while they work fine in an expo dev client build and even a expo start --no-dev --minify start! So I would not recommend using that library for your animation.

Hope this adds to the discussion

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this was my experience as well. The plash screen did change on web but for some reason on mobile it did not so i’m not 100% sure how it builds the data to be honest. I guess i could turn off the plash screen and just create a dynamic background while it’s waiting to be ready, because it seems like it holds the plash screen through the build and never pulls it back despite the cache being busted

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