Duplicate symbol error in libExpoKit.a building Xcode project after updating Header Search Paths of newly linked module

I have an ejected ExpoKit project that would build fine. I then added a new 3rd party react-native library like so:

npm install tealium-react-native
react-native link

Xcode then complained about missing ‘React/*’ modules and so I went into the xcodeProj file and added to that projects header search paths:


This resolved the missing libs error. (I had a few additional issues with Redefinition of Enumerator errors that I resolved as described here.)

Now, Xcode is spitting out a whole slew of duplicate symbols in ExpoKit such as the one below

duplicate symbol _OBJC_IVAR_$_RNCWKWebView._userAgent in:

These seem to all be involving react-native-webview and react-native-maps
Any suggestions of where to go next to resolve this are much appreciated.

I was able to overcome this issue by removing react-native-webview and react-native-maps from npm and podfile. However, I also found that this stopped occurring when I added $(SRCROOT)/../../../ios/Pods/Headers/Public and $(SRCROOT)/../../../ios/Pods/Headers/Public/React and left both as non-resursive. Previously I was only importing $(SRCROOT)/../../../ios/Pods/Headers/Public and had set that to recursive.