Does Expo go support USB serial communication?

Hey everybody!

Does anyone know if expo go supports USB serial communication?

I’m developing an application which runs in a android device, and needs to communicate with a USB printer.

I’m running the application in expo go, and tried all kind of libs to make the USB communication and still got nothing.

I think maybe expo go doesn’t support USB serial communication, in this case I have no idea how I am gonna test the application.

Has anyone tried to communicate through USB in expo go?

Hi @rafamangualde

No, I do not believe Expo Go includes the native code needed to talk to a serial port.

What you can do instead is create a development build of your app after installing one of the react native serial libraries.

A dev build is basically a customised version of Expo Go with your own dependrncies built in, instead of only what is included in the Expo SDK.

Depending on what exactly you need to do to install the library, you might need to write.a config plugin to make those changes during the build process on the EAS Build servers.

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