Does customizing the runtime in a managed workflow require a paid subscription?

Hey! I’ve read all the documentation and the demo video for expo-dev-client, and perhaps I missed something but I don’t understand if customizing the runtime is paid or not.

From what I understand, the development side of things does not require EAS Priority – you can install expo-dev-client and use expo run:ios to develop your custom build locally.

In production, however, it’s not clear to me – do I need to use EAS to publish the customized app? Normally I run expo build:ios and upload to Transporter to publish non-OTA updates.

This is all assuming a managed workflow.


Hi @pastel

No, you can build with:

eas build --local

As long as you have Android Studio and Xcode installed.

EDIT: See Running builds on your own infrastructure - Expo Documentation

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Thank you for this!

you can also run expo prebuild and then just build with fastlane or whatever you like :slight_smile:

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