Documentation on ExpoKit version is unclear

See the iOS section at…

“update the ExpoKit tag to point at the release corresponding to your SDK version”

It’s not clear which ExpoKit release corresponds to which SDK version. How would I know which version of ExpoKit corresponds to SDK 27, for example?

I tnink last ExpoKit = last version of Expo SDK

Thanks. However, I need to know which ExpoKit release corresponds to Expo SDK 27, which is not the latest. I don’t know if there is a 1-to-1 relationship between ExpoKit releases and Expo SDK releases, so I don’t know which ExpoKit release corresponds to Expo SDK 27.

Judging from the release dates, it looks like…

SDK 27 ~ ExpoKit 2.5.10
SDK 28 ~ ExpoKit 2.6.x

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I had this same problem. Seems like it should be documented in the upgrade instructions since it specifically mentions the corresponding version. This would be extremely helpful.


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