Do ExpoKit and Universal Modules Live together?

I currently have and ejected Expo app. I would like to use GoogleSignIn. My app was ejected months ago (I say to clarify it wasn’t recently created with the new cli). From what I can tell from docs, in order to use this I need to enable the new universal modules. Question: I don’t understand how these interact with ExpoKit. My app’s current podfile pulls in ExpoKit. The suggested podfile has no mention of ExpoKit - … . Should the new universal modules live along side ExpoKit? (Yes, we use expo publish with release channels etc). Any help - much appreciated.

Eventually using Unimodules in the bare workflow will supersede ExpoKit as the two are on the same path, but since there are several things you can do with ExpoKit that you can’t do with Unimodules, that transition is not ready. For now, I’d recommend staying with ExpoKit if that is working for you and adding just the Unimodules you need (or removing them when they are added to ExpoKit).

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to add on to @ide’s reply - expo-google-sign-in is already included in sdk32 ejected apps, so you don’t have to add it to your project. you can import it directly from expo-google-sign-in or with import { GoogleSignIn} from 'expo';. more generally speaking, ExpoKit is made up of unimodules and includes the APIs packaged in @unimodules/core already, so provided that the versions included are compatible with the unimodule that you would like to install, it should work.