Did native CSS styling get committed ?

There is a commit on the router: feat: native css styling by marklawlor · Pull Request #498 · expo/router · GitHub
Titled: “feat: native css styling”

Which included a nice tailwind demo app. Here is a snippet from the sample app:

import { Text, View } from "react-native";

export default function Page() {
  return (
    <View className="flex-1 items-center justify-center">
      <View className="bg-blue-300 active:rotate-180 active:scale-150 transition-transform duration-1000">
        <Text className="text-white text-2xl p-10">Press and hold!</Text>

Look at those tailwind styles! The PR title, and other comments indicates this is for native, not just RNW. (React native web)

Did this code/feature land somewhere it can be tested?
Thanks, Cameron
I am really excited about the great things the Expo team is doing.

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