Development builds include information previously deleted from app

Hi everyone!

I have a problem, every time I use “eas build --profile development --platform android” to create a development build, I get an APK that contains information that I have previously deleted from the app. That is, my app involves creating some profiles, and so my development builds keep including a test profile that I created myself during development and now I cannot get rid of it, even though I have cleaned the app database thoroughly before launching the build process. Also I do not have any code that creates a test profile etc.
I only encounter this issue when installing the APK on an actual Android device, not when testing the app on an Android emulator.

Thank you in advance for any help in solving this mystery!

Expo managed workflow

Hello, In your Expo managed workflow, when using “eas build” with the development profile for Android, you’re experiencing a persistent issue where the APK generated includes a test profile that you previously deleted from the app. Despite thoroughly cleaning the app database and not having any code that creates the test profile, the issue persists only when installing the APK on an actual Android device, not when testing on an emulator. To troubleshoot, you can try clearing the build cache, reviewing configuration files for any references to the test profile, verifying the deletion process of the profile, and reaching out to Expo support for further assistance in resolving this mystery.

Thank you for the response. I am not able to check these solutions at the moment as I`m out of development builds for this month. By the way, could you please tell me how I could clear the build cache? I have tried something like this before, but maybe I did it incorrectly. Is there a better way?