Plans for being able to prevent users from picking videos from ImagePicker

With Expo 23, ImagePicker was enhanced to also allow picking of videos in addition to still pictures, but that also introduced (in what my opinion is) a regression, whereby the ImagePicker could no longer only allow the user to pick still pictures. This is an issue for any app that is prompting a user to pick something from the camera roll that is going into some downstream workflow that only supports still images. With my app having such a workflow, per the advice in the release notes, I avoided upgrading to Expo 23.

I don’t see this tracked as an issue anywhere, so I can’t tell if addressing this limitation is just a timing issue that should be sorted out shortly, or if it’s a limitation of a 3rd party library that needs to be resolved, or if there’s some fundamental issue with React Native itself that is causing the roadblock. I’d just like to better understand if I should just hang on for the next release or two, or if I should start planning to change my workflow (by perhaps including a “nuh huh, you can’t pick a video, try again” error message if the user picks a video, I suppose?) because it’s not likely to resolved anytime soon. Thanks!

Hi, we agree this was a regression for your workflow. Sorry for the inconvenience. SDK 24 will include the ability to specify whether the image picker allows only images, only videos, or both.

Awesome! Yeah, I’m OK with missing out on a release- just didn’t want to fall off the upgrade train for too long and miss out on all the great new stuff :-). Thanks so much for the great work you all do for the RN community!