Custom Fonts Not Working in iOS Builds (Expo 40)

  1. SDK Version: 40
  2. Platform: iOS

Hi Guys!

I got a question here regarding: Custom Fonts Not Working in iOS Builds (Expo 40). Would greatly appreciate your help in this, thanks in advance!

More Info:
Our custom fonts and font icons work just fine using Expo in both development and production modes, with and without minification. However, after I build the app, either for iOS devices or for the Simulator, the custom fonts aren’t working and all text falls back to default fonts. All font icons are replaced with a square question mark indicating the font is missing. From the device logs we are able to see iOS errors that say “Unrecognized font family: ‘FONTFAMILYNAME’”. As far as I can tell, expo-font library is silently failing.

Our fonts are loaded using Font.loadAsync, and we are able to verify that the function has been called and has resolved without errors.

Tried the solutions in this related thread but to no avail: [BUG] On upgrading to Expo 40 (from 38): "Unrecognized font family" · Issue #11333 · expo/expo · GitHub

Please add the code of the component where you initialize the fonts. It would probably help us understand your setup better

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