createDrawerNavigation not passing through to all screens

I am a bit of a newby at this, but I tend to learn best through tutorials. I’m in the process of working with navigation, props and state and thought I had it down. I was following another and came across an issue that I don’t quite understand and am hoping someone could help me out with it.

I’ve created a snack here:

My issue comes up as such:

On the landing page, you see two icons at the top, one a menu bar and one a cart icon. If you click the menu bar, it correctly opens a menu and if you click the Shop button or outside of the menu, it will correctly close it (and take you to the “Shop” test if you clicked the Shop).

But when you go to another page (say in the shop), the menu button no longer works but the cart button does.

I was hoping someone could explain this to me. I’d be incredibly appreciative for any suggestions or corrections.


//Updated - This tutorial I had been following (though it needed some updating itself) can be found here:

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