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First a big thanks for making cross-platform development easy and smooth. We’ve been using expo for android ios and web since 2 years in our team, and are really excited about the expo web release.

We have always used react-navigation for the 3 platforms without any troubles (for web, it was mostly used for its drawer component).
It all went well until the expo 34 and 35 release where we witnessed problems on web with react-navigation (as clearly announced in the release articles).

My question here is are you currently working on integrating react navigation on web, or do you advise to switch to react-router straight ahead ?
Also if you have an example of a drawer app that works on mobile and web, that would help us lots !

Thanks again


Hi Paul I use react navigation for web! It’s pretty awesome!

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And do you manage to create a side drawer without troubles ?
My drawer is open on opening of the app and I just cannot close it by any mean (on web only, it works fine on mobile)

@lamipaul were you able to get the drawer to work with react navigation? My app loads on the web, and I can navigate the various welcome screens, login screen, sign up screen, etc. But once logged in I too have a drawer created by react-navigation that does not load. In fact, the tab navigator also does not load.

Wondering if you found a solution.


If you don’t find an answer here, you might have more luck with the resources on the React Navigation Help page.

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