Create archive to publish in AppStore

I have a detach app because I needed to install firebase.
I’ve never created an application for Iphone before
I read:

Unfortunately, when building an application, it still creates it in development mode. (I still need a local server)

  1. How to do standalone in production mode?
  2. How to attach a bundle so that the application works offline?

Hey @grini93,

You’ll want to make sure that you’ve published your JS bundle so that your production build has a package being served from the productionURL. You can do so in XDE by simply pressing the publish button near the top-right or using the exp publish command with the exp CLI.

In order to create an IPA you can upload to Itunes Connect or App Loader, go under Product in Xcode and select Build Archive.

To make sure your project is offline-friendly, check out our section on Offline Support from our docs:



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