Could not find image - Only IOS

  1. SDK Version: ~48.0.18
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): IOS

I’m updating my application’s SDK from 47 to 48. After carrying out the procedures described in the blog, I went to perform a test at expo go. On android devices the app ran normally, but on the iphone device I noticed that no image is being rendered, as if the “Image” component from “react-native” was not working. The following alert appears on the console.

As an example I have an “Image” component from “react-native” that tries to render a base64 and the same alert is shown

This problem happened only on IOS, after updating from SDK 47 to 48. I generated an ios compilation and installed it on the iphone and the problem persists, the images are not rendered

Can someone help me?

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