Control connection to servers

Hi there,

We have built an app using react-native and expo that will run in remote places connected through satellite. We are using custom protocols and we use the network very efficiently.
But during testing when we were measuring the network usage we realized that expo connects to servers. This is not a problem per se when the user is on a GSM connection, but it is a big problem for us when the user is connected using a satellite since the cost is over $3 per Mb. Place several users on the same connection and the cost for the company could be very high.
Is there any way in expo to give the developer control on these connections? When the app is on GSM we would like to tell expo, now you can talk, and when we are on the satellite we would like to tell expo now you cannot talk.
Any suggestions?



Interesting! Unfortunately, I don’t believe we expose a way to gain that kind of control over network traffic to expo servers without detaching.
You can help us prioritize new functionality by submitting to Feature Requests | Expo

Thanks for your answer