Airplane mode detection

I am using expo sdk with a non-ejected application supporting ios and android.
Is there a way to detect an airplane mode enabled other than not having internet connection?
(Not having an internet connection can be an indication of a networking connectivity problem or a user action)

For react-native there is a module: GitHub - c19354837/react-native-system-setting: A library to access system setting, and change it easily. eg: volume, brightness, wifi
But as far as I understood, non-ejected application cannot make use of react-native add-on modules.

Hey @vkhazin!

Right now, there isn’t a way of detecting whether airplane mode is enabled, but I will bring that up.

And you are correct, according to our docs, you’d have to eject to ExpoKit to use that module.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Thank you for your comments!

I was wondering on behalf of

  1. there is always a place for third party enhancements
  2. what is the reason that cannot support native modules, would not it be a limiting factor to adoption?


May I suggest to entertain a bill-per-usage model for the publish/compile runner minutes while keeping the service free, with no upfront commitment I would not mind shading a few dollars a month to support the development effort. As an example bitbucket gives away X number of free build minutes, AWS/GCP gives away 1M function as a service requests per month.

The reason, for me, is that I don’t like monthly billing when I may or may not need to use service, while I don’t mind paying low volume for aws, azure, and gcp services as a part of my development activities.

And, similarly, I would not mind contributing money to the team leveraging a subtle guiltware approach: guiltware - Wiktionary, few dollars from willing participants could help the team to pay for some expenses.

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